New year’s tidy up

Today was a gorgeous sunny day that brought a smile to my face. After spending most of Christmas eating anything I can get my hands on I really needed to get outside and get the blood flowing again.


I have been putting corner brackets on my raised beds as the stakes I had used were crumbling under an onslaught of rain and the weight of my soil. It’s hard work, chills your knees and you can spend (in my case) hours on it without it looking like you’ve done a thing!

I had gone to the plot with the intention of doing more on the beds, however when I put my head into the lean to I realised it was a state and needed fettling. Off to Screwfix to buy a plastic shelving unit, more corner brackets and screws. Once I had finished I was quite pleased at the finished product. Let’s see how long it keeps this tidy though 🙂


I also need to put up shelves in my greenhouse. I’m very proud of the greenhouse because I have never built anything before and if I must say so myself, its not too shabby at all. I think it’s probably 10ft x 5ft, it’s withstood 80 mph winds and only cost me £30 for the screws, plastic and anchors. So the rest of the time on the allotment was spent putting up shelving brackets. Cue much consternation at my total lack of spacial awareness as I tried to maneuver the wood without ripping the plastic. By the time I got hungry I had put up 3 shelves, with another 3 planned for the other side of the house. I’ve not screwed the wood onto the brackets because I plan on removing them once my toms get tall. 24 brackets cost me a reasonable £9 from e-bay. I love a bargain!


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