‘Tis the season to be seeding!

So as it is now back to normal business after the Christmas break i.e. daily work again I am confined to weekend only visits to the plot. In order to ease the pain a bit I have begun to sort through my seed collection and order new ones online.

I have tried to be very organised in this last year so have devised a sowing / harvesting spreadsheet split into fruit and veg categories. This year I have over 100 different types of veg on the list, most of which I would like to grow. Whether or not I have enough room for them all is debatable but I’m always up for a challenge!

I like to try and get a bargain so normally I get seed catalogues through the post and then pick out things I like and go online to hunt for the cheapest price. Seedaholics is a website I came across using Google last year and it seems to be generally a little cheaper than Suttons or other bigger companies. They give some really good information with the seeds in a nice A5 print out which the packets are attached to.

I also heard of Real Seeds on one of the online forums and liked their ethos so I have ordered some seeds (mostly squash varieties) from them too. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how well they do as I’ve heard only good things online.

During my lunch break I also did a sweep of the local Wilkos to scout out their seed sets. I bought my onion and shallot sets –  Golden Gourmet,  Red Sun, Stuttgarter and some labelled plain ‘red onions’. It’s like they gave up naming when they got to the last one! Wilkos is reasonable for bulbs and I found last year that they all grew well so here’s hoping they do the same this year.

I’ve also bought potato seeds from B&Q. At 2 packets for £6, each packet containing approx 30 seeds I thought this was good value. I bought the classics- Desiree, King Edward, Charlotte and Maris Piper. I didn’t grow loads of potatoes last year as I wasn’t really sure how many I would need for 2 people for a year.

As I dug them up I gave lots away but still ended up with half a storage bin full of them ( i don’t have a shed so a metal dustbin on my north facing balcony does the trick). Last year’s crop wasn’t quite enough and I am under strict orders by the man to grow more as he loved them so much. So I aim to double the crop this year!


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