Withdrawal symptoms

I am having allotment withdrawal symptoms! I haven’t been able to go to the plot this weekend as it was a family event. I also cannot go next weekend as there’s another family event planned. I think because I know I cannot go down anytime soon I am thinking about things even more than I would normally do. I’m also feeling a bit under pressure because I only have 1 spare weekend between now and the middle of Feb. Last year I was sowing in Feb. I don’t want to wish my year away, but I also don’t want to fall behind. ARGH!!!

I still need to finish manuring some beds, screwing in the corner brackets on at least 10 beds (ran out of brackets last time I did this job), put up the other shelves in the greenhouse and make some planters for my strawberries which are taking up 2 beds that could be used for other crops.

Thankfully for me, even though I am not able to visit the plot, I have lots of plot related things I can do. For example reading. I have always loved reading but browsing gardening books in winter makes the cold, housebound period go more quickly. For Christmas I had asked for 2 books, both of which I was pleased to receive. The 1st has been keeping me busy for the past week or so although now I am towards the end of the book I am rationing it to 1 chapter a night.

Square foot gardening is something that has intrigued me since I saw some posts about it on the Grow your own forum. I therefore set to and requested the 2nd ‘new and improved’ book by Mel Bartholomew. It’s actually a very good read once you get over the slightly annoying upbeat American salesman twang that I hear in my head when I read it. I don’t agree with buying the peat products to make the Mel’s Mix (compost/soil) and I imagine it would be well expensive to do that in all my 20 odd beds, however the idea of mixing things up rather than growing in rows is something that i will definitely try this year. Anything that keeps the beasties such as blackfly down in numbers on my plants is worth a try. I will report later in the year and feedback any successes/ not.




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