“All change” (where plans were altered and pocket change abounded)

This weekend was a change from the original plan. I was meant to be driving to see my family however calamity struck in the form of a broken down car, a tearful meltdown and a roadside rescue which involved being towed home.

To help me feel less sad, the beloved suggested we go to town. One cafe breakfast later I was feeling cheered up enough to muster up the energy to do some shopping for seed compost. Now as luck would have it, he also needed to buy something from B&Q so we both had fun looking at power tools (cordless / ones I can take to the allotment) and bulbs. After comparing store prices I actually didn’t end up buying anything from B&Q because I realised it was more expensive than my other ‘go to’ shop aka Wilkinsons. For only £14 I got 1 bag of vermiculite, 1 bag seed sowing compost, assorted dahlias and 2 peonies. Result!

The Dahlias will go in my flower border by the greenhouse, replacing the ones I planted last year that probably have not survived the frosts. The peonies will be slotted into a new border next to my lean-to. My aim is to have cut flowers for home as well as plenty to attract the pollinators. So excited already!!

Tomorrow I may even walk (gasp) down to the allotment and put up the other side of my greenhouse shelving. Right now it seems more than likely that this will happen but my resolve may falter if there is permafrost when I step out of my house. Watch this space…


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