A frosty Sunday stroll

​Looking out of the window this morning one woud have been forgiven for thinking it was a spring day. After a few weeks of grey skies l was surprised to see the sun. 

 I actually made it to the plot today, was a very pleasurable walk because of the sun. The sky was blue and clear, birds singing everywhere and no cold winds. Once I got to the plot I realised that everything was frozen and probably would be for the near future. I set to and finished the job I had come for; fixing up the shelves on the left side of the greenhouse.  It didn’t take long at all and I used the spirit level again to make sure it was all straight, getting the seal of approval from the man. Now all I need is to find some long bits of wood for the shelves as the stuff I currently have on the brackets isn’t quite long or wide enough.

Next door’s plot has been vacant 1for about a year so we went for a walk to see what we could rescue.Principally anything that could be used for shelving. Unfortunately the wood next door was more rotten and holey than anything else.

However I did get some nice paving slabs for the greenhouse. Would have got more but the last 6 were frozen together and there was no way I was going to get them apart without doing them or myself some damage. The lady at the top end of the plots came down to see what I was doing and offered me some slabs from the plot that was abandoned by her. Unfortunately for me they were also frozen solid so I put first dibs on them and told her I would return once they were thawed.

Once home again I took my seed compost out of the boiler cupboard where it had been warming up and decided to have a rummage to see what could be sown now. I was a little unsuccessful because I fell asleep on the sofa after dinner instead. Never mind, there’s always tomorrow!


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