Sowing experimentation

Today was a day that I’ve been dreaming of for a while. Yes, that’s right, today was the 1st sow of the year!!

Given that I had waited so long for this moment I decided to make an occasion of it. Cup of tea freshly brewed, easy watching TV show on and comfy cushion set up I was ready to go.

I didn’t want to sow too much just in case it was too early for them and they went all leggy so I only did a few of each packet. Sown today was:-

Aubergine Rosa Bianca

Leek Musselburgh

Leek Elephant

Sweet pea Spencer mixed

Sweet pea Bijou

French Marigold

African Marigold

Night scented Stock


I had read on a forum that some people have had success with putting seeds onto damp kitchen roll so I put them all into individual sandwich bags after dampening the tissue. I don’t have a heated propagator but had also read that some people use their radiator instead. I think I found a better solution by putting all the bags on top of the boiler. In the flat its an average 19-20 degrees C but the boiler cupboard is generally just a little warmer and stays fairly constant. We will see how the experiment works out over the next few days. Maybe I don’t need a propagator if this works!





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