New signs

Last weekend when I was scavenging on an abandoned plot I came across what I can only assume was an edging tile. It was slightly broken and I almost left it where it was. However I changed my mind and brought it home for some reason.  It had been puzzling me what it could be used for but then I had a bit of a brainwave……

When I took my plot on there was nothing to denote it as no.11. After emptying out one of the compost corners (in reality,fly tipping corners) I came across a rotten post with a dog-eared plaque on it. It’s been doing my head in recently as the winds keep on blowing it over and it’s very recently been relegated to the ‘burn pile’.

I realised that the tile was kind of in a house sign shape/size and decided that when it was cold and grey I would sit down and upcycle it into a plot sign.

Today was the perfect day to do so. Although the grey clouds have gone to hover over Essex for a bit, the Kent side of the Thames I live on is absolutely freezing. So cold in fact that I cut short my reorganisation of my front garden (aka balcony) because I thought I may get frostbite on my fingers. Cue a raid exit inside and a quick rummage to find my paint pens. I have to say for my 1st attempt at the sign I am pretty pleased with it. It will be fastened to a corner of the plot where the neighbours’ paths cross mine and will hopefully not be destroyed before I get at least a season out of it!


In other news today I had a check on my seed germination experiment. I am afraid it has not gone to planWhilst my Stocks had all germinated, nothing else had and the Sweetpeas smelt suspiciously like popcorn, indicating maybe they had been cooked rather than sprouted.

All was not lost. Today in town I had picked up some seed trays to go with the propogator lids I had bought in the sale last year. I mixed up seed compost with vermiculite and re sowed the Sweetpeas using seed I collected from my own plants. The leeks etc that had been sown onto damp tissue got unwrapped and the tissue was laid onto the compost before everything was thoroughly wetted and the lids went on. I’ve put them back into the airing cupboard again and will check on them in a few days time.


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