Lack of windowsills 

It’s official, my flat needs more windowsills. Either that or I need to stop with the buying and then sowing of seeds. 

I had to do the weekly shop today and went to Lidl for my basics. Right by the entrance there was a lovely sight. Their new seed packets are out already. I dived in and picked up:-
Marigold: Orange flame, Bolero & Kobold mix

Zinnia:Liliput mix

Peas:Kelvedon wonder & Kleine Rheinlanderin 

Yellow beans:Wachs beste von Allen & Kinghorn wax

Spinach: Matador

Aubergine mix

Therin lies the problem though. My flat is north facing but bright inside. We have 2 south facing windowsills, both which are a miserable 1m long and don’t get the sun for much of the day due to a low wall outside of the flat entrance. So any seedlings have to face north, or dice with death in my unheated plastic greenhouse which sits on the south facing balcony. I have a grow or die policy; basically nothing gets mollycoddled and anything sick gets put to one side to pull through or make compost. Having said that I am not totally mean to my seedlings and therefore I have put them on the north balcony and will turn them 90 degrees each day until they can go outside.

The problem with limited windowsill space has been compounded this year by my total lack of control when it comes to refraining from sowing stuff. Already on my windowsill I have foxgloves, stock (both shop bought and self saved seeds), Sweetpeas, aubergine and dames rocket. I only have 1 windowsill left that has nothing on in and I suspect that the man will bar me from using it as it’s the living room windowsill and propogators make the place look untidy…..That’s his opinion not mine!

So until the weather warms up a bit I must hold fast and stop and any more sowings. Wish me luck with that one!


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