Whiling the time away

This week I’ve not been up to much, a planned hospital treatment has left me feeling rather battered and stiff so although I’ve had time off work, I have ruled out doing anything on the plot. Enforced time inside equals one stir-crazy lady so the man decided we should walk into town today to get some fresh air.

Remembering that town has a decently sized Wilkos I cunningly agreed to the plan and before he knew it I was escorting him to the gardening aisle to pick up some essentials. I got another large gravel tray and some new seed trays.  The ones I have been using the last 2 years were the cheapo variety and broke in the first year, were fixed with gaffe tape last year and have been binned before I can be tempted to try to use them again.

Once we had bought the aforementioned essentials we stopped by at the library. I haven’t used a library for years but wanted to see what they had in stock in regards to cooking books and gardening books.

When I first started gardening I loved to read Carol Kleine grow your own vegetables. I also enjoyed the Vegetable expert manual my mum bought me second hand. Over the years I have added an RHS encyclopedia and a pruning book as well as some preserving recipe type books. However the trouble with gardening books is that there are lots of choices for people who are new to gardening, or allotmenteering but for someone like me who knows how to garden and has some years of experience there is a really limited range out there. My library had some ‘real life’ gardening books today so I picked up 2 to sample. The 1st is ‘plot 34’ by Mark Keegan  (initial thoughts are thats it’s intelligent and funny). The 2nd is ‘the allotment diaries’ by Kay Sexton (not yet started reading).

I also picked up 4 recipe books:-

Chilli Notes by Wahaca founder Tomasina Miers

Eat Mexico by Leslie Tellez

Wholefood kitchen by Ross Dobson

Keep it real by Calvary Avansimo

The idea being that when I start to churn out produce again this year I won’t get stuck cooking the same meals time after time. Courgette spaghetti or parsnip soup gets mighty boring after you’ve had it for lunch every day for 3 weeks and with no end in sight!

If there’s any winners recipe wise I will be sure to post it on here for others to try.





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