Seedy Monday 

I got the sowing bug again yesterday. Well, actually let me rephrase that…. I gave in to the sowing bug!

After having moved my 1st 2 trays of leek seeds as well as the Sweetpeas outside into my plastic greenhouse I had more room on the main windowsill. So of course what’s a girl to do but to fill it right? 

I have to have a strategy for sowing in order that the beloved doesn’t have an almighty fit with the mess I am making. Last year there was dire mutterings about soil on the white rug (my rug I may add) or bits of shredded seed packets found under the dining table. Not to mention (shock horror) the water residue on the floor that got someone’s socks wet when they stood in it. In my defence it is hard to confine mess to one place in an open plan flat and the carpet is brown so I didn’t really spot that the original pattern had changed to one of wet and dry patches…. 

This year we have struck an agreement, any gardening equipment when not in use must be confined to a room that isn’t used full time (e.g one away from the sofa and tv) and protection must be given to whatever surface I deem suitable for planting on. Fair cop really I suppose. Below is a picture of the tools of the trade for indoor sowing.

1. Plastic sheeting and spray water bottle from Poundland

2.Seed trays and propogator lids from Wilkos 

3. Seed tin (1 of 2)

4. Compost mix- part seed compost and part vermiculite post its for labels and pen

I would highly recommend a plastic sheet of you don’t have one of those potting trays. After you’re all done you fold it up and any mess is contained in one place, or in my case you fold it up and shake it off the balcony hoping that the wind doesn’t change direction and carry the soil back into your face!

Due to tight space restrictions on the windowsill I only sowed a few seeds which were popped under lids and into the boiler cupboard.They were:-

Cabbage golden acre (primo 2)
Aster ostrich feather
Poached egg plant
Aubergine mix

Don’t they look snug!


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