Rotating seed trays

This week has brought a much longed for warm spell. Gone are the grey skies and the temperature in the greenhouses has definitely been on the rise. So of course, this must mean it’s getting into peak seed sowing time. One of the best times of the year in my book!

The first of my seedlings have been moved into the greenhouses. Gone are the leeks, first sowings of peas and Marigolds.  There has been some losses however. I put my Stocks outside with their propogator lids on but hadn’t calculated just how hot it was going to get for my babies. Sadly they have all perished. Frazzled to death in less than a day. You’d think I would be more careful really? I did exactly the same last year!

So now there is space on the windowsills (cue small whoop for joy) I have sown some more seeds.

Welsh onion red stem

Leek – Bleu de solaist

Cosmos – Double click cranberries

Dwarf Cosmos

Garden pea – All year round


Nasturtium – Tom thumb

Mangetoute – Shiraz

Pea – Carauby de mausanne




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