Short sleeve saturday

I had the morning to myself today so I did a few much needed hours on the allotment. The first signs of life were noticed; spring flowers, buds on the fruit bushes and the bees and butterflies had returned.




First in my list was my manure lady who is always receptive to me filling up my car.  The brassicas that hadn’t been decimated by white fly were going to seed so I ripped them up and swopped them for her horse poop.

Second on the list was clearing my winter veg. Last year I planted out way too many red celery. I made a valient effort throughout the winter to eat my way through them but didn’t manage more than a third of the bed. Next to them on the list  were my parsnips which were beginning to show signs of new growth and made me worried they would go woody. I dug up all the parsnips and took them home to prepare and freeze. The celery got a last minute reprieve when I decided it would be better to have that grow than weeds. Won’t be long though until they go, so let’s hope they don’t relax too much!

The next thing to do was sow my onion sets. They have been kept cool and dry and my car boot for the last few weeks but really needed to be set free. After an hour or so I had raked the beds to a fine tilth, put in red and white onions as well as shallots. I put nets over them just in case a hungry bird thought they were a free buffet.


Finally I spread all the new manure over my empty beds. The manure is well rotted and full of worms so no concerns about new crops getting burnt. Unfortunately after I left the allotment I realised I had a forgotten bag of manure in the boot so I’ll have to return tomorrow to drop it off.

Once I got home the work didn’t stop. I got put my trusty sowing equipment and started off my bulbs. I also sorted out my seeds and sowed:-

Kale – Curly scarlet

Broccoli – Autumn green

Kale – Dwarf green curled

Cauliflower -All year round

Kale – Nero de toscana

Broccoli – Early purple sprouting

Garden pea (from last year’s saved crop)





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