Salad sowing night

I was slightly alarmed at realising I was behind on my sowing schedule according to the calendar I was given by garden focused last frost date itinerary. So on Thursday I set to work catching up with things.
Unfortunately the pea seeds I had set out in the plastic greenhouse had been frazzled a little with the sun we got on Tuesday.  I think the frazzling was magnified by me leaving the propogator lids on in the daytime. In my defence it had no idea that 5 hours of sun would cause so much damage. My Mangetout took the biggest hit with everything looking burnt to a crisp. So in order to make amends I sowed 2 more trays of peas:-

Garden pea Kleine Rheinlanderin 
Pea Kelvedon wonder
I moved on to the salad produce after this. Last year I grew 4 different varieties of tomatoes but this year I have increased them, making sure I stick to non F1 varieties so I can collect my own seed. I decided that I only need 2 or 3 plants of each variety as any more would give me such a big crop I wouldn’t be able to eat my way through them. I sowed 3 seeds each of:-
Jens tangerine (cherry)
Cour de bue 
Red pear
Golden sunrise tigerella
Red cherry
Principe borghese
Brandy wine  (sudduth’s strain)

I also sowed my 1st lot of salad leaves:-
Lettuce mixed mild leaves
Lettuce mixed leaves
Lettuce salad bowl mix


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