It’s Charlotte time!

I looked out the window this morning and groaned. What I had hoped would be a sunny spring day looked grey, cold and uninviting. I was so unenthused it took me almost 2 hours to shrug off my fleece pyjamas, get on my digging gear and prep my flask. I even put my thick fleece jumper  on just in case!

As it happens somewhat frequently in England, although today looked pants it soon cheered up. The sun kept on peaking out from the clouds and the wind dropped so it wasn’t too cold. My fleece came off as soon as I fetched my wheelbarrow and I began to feel a bit more cheerful.

I also couldn’t believe how busy it was today. I stopped and chatted to scaffolding man who promised to give me some gojii Berry plants he had grown from seed, the new family were putting their sons to work watering, the couple opposite me but one were digging over their new plot which was full of grass, my neighbour was rotivating her beds also nd in the distance Clive and his wife were doing the same. It was lovely to have a quick catch up and a nosey at what everyone was doing.

The main jobs today were to:-

Plant Charlotte potatoes

Fix on a door and window to the plastic shack

Hoe beds

Plant out the first lot of Sweetpeas and garden peas

Take slats off the 2 pallets I got last week

I started with the potatoes, 30 Charlottes were planted into 2 beds with organic potato fertiliser courtesy of Poundland.

After that I planted out my peas. I had bought some plastic polytunnel cloches last year from Wilkos at the bargain price of 50p each. When I unwrapped one I suddenly realised it had been reduced because it was missing the curved support poles. Undeterred I gave thanks for being a skip raider and found some poles from a old blowaway which were perfect for the job. I gave the peas a scattering of ‘slug be gone’ and weighed it down with bricks. There were meant to be more peas but I frazzled them so have to wait for replacement sowings to grow a bit. 

My Sweetpeas were installed by the communal path which borders the plot. The old plot holder had buried loads of fireplace covers in a compost heap and I sunk old greenhouse poles into the ground and fixed up the panels with some wire he had also buried. If you’re sensing a theme here let’s just say anything even remotely of value was buried on this plot and it never ceases to amuse me when I come across yet another load of buried treasure aka junk! I didn’t pellet my peas because I managed to lose the shaker. Typical ey?

I moved on to the pallets and gave up almost straight away.The plan was to turn the 2 pallets into a storage bench so I can sit and smell the flowers when I’m having a cuppa. I have a roughneck demolition bar which pulls pallets to pieces with ease, however these pallets had slightly wider wooden slats and the bar couldn’t get a grip anywhere without the wood splintering. I’ll put that back on the to do list and return with a saw. 

My last job was also unsuccessful. Although I had bought my staple gun, polytunnel tape and scissors with me I forgot the plastic I had ordered and therefore couldn’t make my window and door. In the summer last year it was 40degrees in the greenhouse so my plan is to make the door and window removable so I can seal the greenhouse in the spring/winter but have lots of ventilation in summer. 

I had a quick hunt for things to harvest and was very disappointed when I saw all my Wheelers imperial cabbage had bolted. Last week it was just beginning to heart up and I was so happy at the thought of spring greens, with the weather getting hotter at the beginning of the week I reckon the plants got scared and went to flower. Gutted! I pulled them all up and chucked them in the compost. At least I’ll get some fertiliser out of them…

Here’s a pic of the plot at the end of the afternoon. 



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