Happy Spring Equinox!

Now it’s officially spring the hard slog to get the seed sowing proper underway has started. Tonight was an epic event, assisted greatly by cups of tea and a film. And of course someone to make me my tea and ferry it to me!

As is the norm I set out my plastic sheet and my seed organiser in the living room. The living room is the sowing station and the spare bedroom is the seed nursery. It’s beginning to look a bit full and smells slightly earthy when I walk past but it’s nothing that shutting the door won’t fix.

Tonight I sowed:-

Pea all season

Pea celebration
Zinnia elegans mix
Cornflower mix
China Aster mix
Savoy cabbage
Spring onion
Greyhound cabbage
Cabbage wheelers imperial
Pak Choi
I also potted up my Marigolds and Aubergine mix. The Marigolds went back outside in the greenhouses and the Aubergines went onto the bathroom windowsill. It may sound strange but it’s the best south facing windowsills I’ve got so I hope it’ll benefit the Aub babies.

I also potted up my overwintered Aubergines. Now I’ve cured them of spidermite I felt they deserved a bit more TLC. I added slow release plant feed to each pot and fresh potting compost on top. The leaves have been light green and covered in blemishes because of the spider attack so hopefully this will give them the burst of energy they need. 

( they do look a bit wonky but it looks like they are growing another set of leaves / arm at the bottom of each plant so I reckon they’ll even out by peak summer time)

Tomorrow I will move on to herb sowing and that’ll be it for a while I think. I’m kind of pleased because even though I get excited at the thought of seed sowing it soon gets boring when you are sitting doing tray after tray of things. 


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