Emergency seedling clearance

Great news for me today;The landlord had wanted to put up the rent by £100 a month but that was negotiated down to £55 so we’re quids in. Bad news for me; He is coming round tomorrow to inspect and I think he may object to the spare bedroom being a seedling nursery. Of course any gardener will know that at this time of year it is obligatory to use any spare space to love your seed babies into fully grown plants but I suspect he is not a gardener and won’t just think I’m odd like the boyfriend does but will definitely complain.I could risk trying to educate him about these things but I am not brave enough after the rent victory!

I dashed home from work today to begin the seed clearance. Anything that could be put outside went. Bye bye to the brassicas, onions and peas. Even the Nasturtiums were stowed into my greenhouse. I took 2 trays of peas down to the allotment and planted them under a cloche. I put some Mangetout in the greenhouse on the plot and hoped for the best given it’s got no window or door on at the moment. And as I rushed back to the flat to clear up some more of realised I had left my rather lovely burgeon and ball hand trowels in the middle of my plot along with my polytunnel tape. Oh poo!! 

We are back on Saturday to fix the windows and doors on the greenhouse. 

As I write this the spare bedroom is looking less seedy and more beddy. Hooray 🙂


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