Aldi bargains

I love to find a bargain and both Aldi and Lidl often help me unquestionably hand over largish sums of money because of some too good to miss offer. Today was no exception. 

I picked up a 6 pack of Apache chillies and a 6 pack of bell peppers for £1.99 each. Both plants are something which I struggle to get going in the flat so any headstart is worth its while in my books. I also picked up a box of compost accelerator for £2.99 and 10metres of galvanised mesh which I will use for my pea frame. I spotted a 4 tier greenhouse for £14.99 and some seed trays with pots for £2.99 but I will have to return tomorrow to get them as I ran out of room in the car. 

I saw in Lidl that they have a pressure sprayer on offer on Thursday which I have my eye on. I have some weeds poking up through the woodchip and I plan on exterminating them with vinegar. I’ve never tried vinegar before but I’ve read it’s just as good at killing things as the branded weed killer and being natural and about a third of the price I’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out! 


6 thoughts on “Aldi bargains

  1. Ooh I love a bargain but we are no where near a Lidl or Aldi. Proper west London deprivation;) If you haven’t already, please read up on vinegar as a weed killer. It is much more persistent in the soil and not at all selective in what it kills. It will dramatically lower the Ph of the soil. But as with everything, it’s all about moderation…


    1. Thanks for the advice. It’s only to kill things in my woodchip path/ things growing through the carpet underlay. I will double check before I get spray happy though!


  2. I’m near a Lidl but not an Aldi, but I’m trying not to buy anything I don’t absolutely need for the plot right now. I put down weed fabric and then woodchip on top and the weeds grow in the wood chip and are really easy to pull up, with stuff that’s growing through the weed fabric, I’m just pulling it up as it comes up in the hope that it’ll exhaust itself. I didn’t know that you could use vinegar as a weed killer but if you can use it to clean, it makes sense!


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