Mixed feelings

Today the skip pile diminished a little at work . Don’t be sad for me because they didn’t empty the skip. Instead I managed to fit a whole entire pallet inside my car and here’s the proof below:-

Admittedly it was a little breezy because I had to drive with the corner poking out of the window but it was totally worth it. Now I have 3 pallets to make my storage bench with and if there’s any wood left over I may even make another planter for my balcony at home. That’s not all I scavenged tonight; I also picked up some wooden battens which will be perfect one day for an as yet, not identified project. 

I was perplexed when I walked into my plot this evening however.  I had planned to wheel the pallet on as I didn’t want to get my work clothes mucky. But I couldn’t find my wheelbarrow. Then it dawned on me….. I’ve been robbed!!! I had a quick walk around the plots just in case and several plots above mine there was my wheelbarrow parked in an uncultivated plot. No signs of damage. I wouldn’t have minded someone using it as long as they had put it back. And to top it all off they had put a big welly print on top of my cardboard pile! The cardboard promptly got shifted into the greenhouse, the Anderson shelter was tidied up and I put the wheelbarrow further out of eyesight. 
After huffing for a bit at the clouds I got on with planting my bulbs. I dug over a rough border and put in Gladioli, Lillies and Freesia next to the rose bush, Love in a mist and Verbena that was planted last year. I’m hoping to have a beautiful pink/purple and blue themed border which hides some of the shack style greenhouse.

Did a quick check in the greenhouse; 3 trays of peas are looking good. They’ll be ready to plant out this weekend. Underneath the plastic cloche my 2 rows of peas are doing well. The man sowed 2 more trays this week so the staggered planting is off to a good start so far. 

 I laid 2 sheets of plastic to warm up the soil. I also dug up some perpetual spinach which I decided I didn’t really like. I was really only eating it to make myself feel virtuous and that only worked when I chanted “it’s healthy. It’ll do you good”.It seems that I really am turning into my mother. Ho hum.

Finally I roughly dug over the flower border to the front of the greenhouse and moved a lavender which was struggling into a sunnier spot. I’m planning on putting Zinnias in this border for cut flowers.


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