Smells like Spring

This last month has been horrendous at work due to Ofsted visiting. I haven’t worked this long or felt this tired of the computer ever before. The lengthening evenings have been a bit of a mood saver for me however. As I come up the stairs towards my flat I begin to smile. I know as soon as I open the door and walk into the balcony area the first thing I will smell is the deep, musky smell of Stock and Dames rocket.Both of these plants I had read were annuals but on my frost free balcony they have kept flowering all year long. The spring sun has caused them to multiply flower heads and when the wind blows I try to breathe in deeply and suck up the scent.  It’s amazing how one small thing can change your mood so drastically. Gardening, or rather the joy of knowing you nurtured your plant into the beauty that sits before you is worth more than any appraisal rating in my books. 

Last year I collected the seed pods of the Dames rocket and I sowed a whole tray full for the plot. I have no idea where they will go, maybe next to the Sweetpeas but I want to triplicate the scent on the lottie!
In keeping with the flower theme last night I sowed 2 trays of sweet peas, 1 tray of Cosmos Picotee, 1 tray of Poached egg plants, 1 tray of Nasturtium Empress of India and 12 sweetcorn  (I forget the name). Note my makeshift gardening gloves. They did the trick though!

I noted with satisfaction that my spring onions are beginning to sprout as are my last 2 modules of tomatoes (Black Krim). I spent some time potting on Marigolds and shuffled things around in the greenhouse. This weekend I will have to offload some more trays down to the plot as I need the greenhouses at home free for the next load of seedlings. 

One thing I am hoping will hurry up and make an appearance is my 50p dahlia plant out rescued 2 years ago. It had quadrupled in size last year and then seemed to dry and flop over. I cut down all the foliage and a quick shifty under the soil revealed some good looking tubers but this year no shoots have emerged. I am going to give it some food tomorrow and hope that helps it along its way. 


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