Start as you bean to go on 

Today was bean and cucurbit sowing part 1. I sowed:-

Courgette Romanesco & Tondu Di piacenza 
French bean  purple queen
Cucumber Marketmore & Burpless
French climbing bean Cobra
Yellow Dwarf French bean Minidor 
Yellow French bean Wachs Beste von Allen & Kinghorn Wax
Runner beans self gathered from my scaffolder friend

I need to sow my melons soon but might have to turn on the heating so that the boiler room gets hot enough for germination. Seems a bit stupid due to it being warm already but my flat is only hitting 18c each day due to being north facing and I don’t have time to waste really if I want a good crop of melons! 


2 thoughts on “Start as you bean to go on 

  1. That’s a lot of beans! I started off my melon seeds at the weekend. I’ve gone with a Bulgarian variety from Real Seeds – Five Desserts. What are you growing? Perhaps we should start a melon progress meme!


    1. I’ve got several varieties because I didn’t know which would be best. I also have real seeds 5 desserts as well as ogen melon and cantaloupe Di charentais from the seedaholic website. I wanted some non f1 types to save seed from. A melon progress meme sounds good to me 🙂

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