Speedy sprouting

Yesterday I planted 2 cucumber ‘Marketmore’ and 2 ‘Burpless’ cucumber. This afternoon I returned from work to find the Burpless had already sprouted. I have to say I am pretty amazed by their efforts. It has to be my quickest germination ever.

Alongside the cucumbers I planted my melons as well. Due to the instructions saying they need a high temperature to assist germination I wacked the heating on and put them on top of the boiler. Don’t worry, I’m not roasting, I cleverly turned all the radiators off before I did this. 

Here are the melons; 5 Desserts, Cantaloupe di Charentais and Ogen. The description of Charentais made me decide i would be a fool to not try it ‘flavour is pretty much unsurpassed: sweet, with an even – but not overpowering – musky note and smooth texture’ and I added in the others just in case all homegrown melons are just as wonderful. I had less seeds of the Charentais so I have planted 3 with the hope of using 1 just for seeds. 

My beans have all shown signs of life today so in the next few days they will go outside. In preparation for the impending glut of legumes this year I put up my first ever Munty frame on the allotment. Given that I’ve never done one of these before and I had no assistance, I am pretty proud of my efforts. 

I also spent time putting up my trellis for the peas. They’re doing really well and I noted that I must be ahead of my neighbours as no one else has put out peas yet. Feels good to be ahead of the game!

Just in case some horrendous frost creeps up and surprises me I have 2 trays of peas backups that I have freshly sown. 

The bed that is in the foreground has self sown calendula in it which I am going to pot up at some point. Given that my calendula I sowed at home did diddly squat, I’m glad I have some to fall back on. 

I had a quick peek at the onions under their covers. They have all done well and I observed that there are sunflower seedlings growing well in between the rows. This wasn’t a purposeful plan, I had left my sunflower heads up for the birds over winter and I think they have planted them for me. 

I checked on the stuff in the greenhouse. The mangetout is loving it and has put on about an inch of growth since the weekend. The leeks and spring onion trays are doing well and I have more growth on my peonies and dahlias. The only thing that isn’t showing signs of life is my Echinops. Either it’s slow growing or I bought 2 dud bulbs. 

Outside at home my spring sown flowers are doing well. The cornflower, aster and dames rocket seedlings are bulking out, the marigolds are getting bushy heads now and the zinnias are beginning to show their first true leaves. I am a little concerned about my cosmos ‘double click cranberries’ as they look very weak and spindly, however the other cosmos I have sown is doing a lot better. I’ve also observed some seedlings appearing in my stock pot and I’m hoping these are self seeded stock as I managed to frazzle my seed last month and haven’t bought any more. 

I’m still waiting for the first sweetcorn to germinate as well as a tray of nasturtiums. I am wondering whether I need to bring them in from the greenhouse on the balcony and baby them into life. I’ll give them another day or 2 and then make a decision. 

Soon I will sow the first of my squash and my other 2 sweetcorn varieties but I need to buy some more seed compost first. 


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