Busy busy busy!

I have been sowing away in my spare time trying to ensure that I’m up to schedule with the planting for this year.  Over the last 2 days I have managed to get through a bag of seed compost and have ruined my nails in the process. Oh well, sacrifices have to be made for veg every now and again! The list of seeds includes:-

Iceberg lettuce
Resowed toms
Resowed brassicas (patchy germination from old seed)
Pickling cucumber ‘Parisian picking’

Cabbage ‘Red drumhead’ 

Sweetcorn ‘Kelvedon glory’ and ‘Tasty gold’

Cabbage ‘Wheelers imperial’
Cauliflower ‘Romanesco nataliano’
Courgette ‘Jemmer’ and ‘Sunstripe’
Squash- Uchiki kuri, Table star, Blue Hungarian, Queensland Blue, Waltham Butternut, Autumn crown, Crown prince

I also planted out 2 dahlias from the greenhouse into a bed, repotted aubergine ‘Rosa Bianca’, Brassicas (kale and cabbage), repotted peppers and chilli plants.

Finally I transferred cornflower, marigolds, cosmos, pepper,beans,melon, chillis, cucumbers, courgette seedlings to the allotment.


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