Construction day

For a little while I have been imagining a seating and storage area in front of my greenhouse where I can sit and admire my flowers whilst listening to the birds. I managed to rope the man into an allotment day today so that we could finally put my plans into action.  The original plan is below. Note the total lack of dimensions or anything too specific. I prefer to wing it slightly as you will have seen by my greenhouse / shack!

We had 3 pallets and a huge pile of wood which I have collected over the last 2 years. The seating area needed to be big enough to put all my poles/ sticks/ tarpaulin and other assorted junk into but also small enough that I can still get into the greenhouse.  In the end I went for a slightly altered design. I stood 1 pallet on its end against my Anderson shelter and we built a box frame then moved it into position.  Slight huffy and puffy moment from both of us when we realised that the screws I had bought were too small to hold the wood together but I overcame this by using nails on the corners instead. 

Here you can see the remaining 2 pallets have been dismantled and the last slat on each has been sawn off. They were used to make the side braces. 

After the sides were fastened together with more humongous nails I cut down bits of wood to make the sides. I know all the pics are of the man but I can assure you I did nailing, measuring, sawing and general tea making whilst this project was underway!

The finished result.  Very different from the original design but it dawned on me as I went to get wood for the top that I had a piece of perspex that was the same size as the frame. So I figured this unit could be multifunctional. In the winter (and actually for most of the year) it can be storage but in spring it can be used to harden off my plants. I will get some plastic to line the front and back so the wind can’t get in. I am really pleased with the finished result. It’s plenty big enough for everything I want and fits perfectly. The back pallet now has canes laid along the ‘shelves’ and I will empty my Anderson shelter of the metal poles etc and store them on the pallet shelves too. As the man said to me as we drove home, he doesn’t mind sitting on a camping chair anyway so I shouldn’t be disappointed that I don’t have a bench.  Wise words indeed!


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