Diary flashback

Continuing with the allotment diary flashbacks I had a look at what I was up to last year. 


Bought table and chairs set for £10 (nb: they have since been done up and look rather fetching in my front patio area)

Made makeshift mini greenhouses out of plastic packing boxes

Made bean poles out of felled branches

Put down slabs for greenhouse path, utility on greenhouse roof and built shelves. Put up chicken netting inside for cucumbers.

Installed metal climbing panels for courgettes (nb: they were rubbish so not worth the bother)

Put in place the final 2 beds and re-paved the patio area 

Poundshop wins for pots, fleece, pegs and chicken wire

Dug out couch grass and covered areas with carpet

Improvements needed:

Seaweed mulch stinks to high heaven

Sweetpeas and sunflowers are too leggy due to lack of sunlight/ wind on balcony

Weevil grubs infesting pots. Had to hand sieve to rid pots of them

Peppers are not germinating (too cold?)

Aster aren’t germinating (old seed?)

Strawberry seeds didn’t germinate either

Onion seed sowing has been a disaster

Got sun burnt on the allotment

Sowed first carrots and parsnip under fleece (carrots were rubbish, parsnip were terrific)

Potted on toms, sweet peas, Dwarf beans and zinnia

Sweetcorn has now sprouted

Potatoes in trenches are up

Kale and cauliflower has sprouted well

First lot of peas have been direct sown under fleece

Aubergines are doing well in their plastic boxes

Dwarf cosmos now sprouted

Potted on cucumbers and celery

Direct sown beetroot and turnips


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