Beets and rain

Today was a momentous day for this plot holder. For the first time in almost a month it has rained. No more lugging heavy cans to and from the water tank, or having to worry about seedlings frying in the sun. I seized the opportunity today to sow some beetroot seeds after work because for the next week I will be away and won’t have time to faff around and nurse them. For once I was actually pleased to be getting wet on the plot rather than hiding in the greenhouse which is my default setting when rain comes.

I had already prepped the bed on my last visit to the plot so it only took a few minutes to sow my beetroot seeds. I have 3 varieties; Chioggia, Albina ice and Egyptian flat red. I normally only grow Chioggia so I am looking forward to finding out how tasty the others are in comparison.  I have only grown 1 row of each and will plant another row in about a month in another bed. My hope is to confuse the white flies and other bugs that conquered most of my brassicas last year.

As you can see below, unfortunately they seem to already be making a bid for brassica domination. This plant was untouched by bugs 2 days ago! I need to make some garlic and soap spray fast. However this plant is left over from last year and is only for the bees so I will not feel too bad about ripping it up in due course.

Given the cold nights this last week I have been making sure I fleece my tenders before bedtime. Over the weekend it was nippy even in the day so I left them on for 2 whole days. It seems to have helped the cosmos and beans put on an extra spurt of growth so I’m happy with that. All the plants apart from the brassicas get a double layer of fleece each night and the Aubs get bubble wrap chucked over them. 

I also brought down all my squash today. They were taking up valuable window space so they’ve been given the heave ho to the plot. 

The peas are going strong in their buckets. It’s almost time to do a second sowing. The man sowed these ones and I have a feeling that although I will have to prep them all, he will want to eat them as fast as he can! 

Back at home there has been progress on the tomato front. I now have 5 seedlings which means the year of the tomato is back on albeit a little later than planned. Hooray!

I have to get some more compost for potting on. I have flowers and Aubs that need doing plus I sowed 4 more half trays of salad stuff the other day (Lambs lettuce, rocket, Garlic chives and Iceberg lettuce) that have started to sprout and will need a better soil base once the nutrients of the seed compost have gone. 


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