Pre holiday checks

I’m off for a much needed holiday for a whole week. Nowhere exciting as I’m only down in Devon but it’s a holiday none the less that I am looking forward to. 

The thing that is worrying me though is how all my plants will survive without me. Particularly my new tomato babies which I fear may become too dry, too cold or even (gasp) die of some unknown illness leaving me tomato less again. 

To help me cope with my anxieties I have performed a number of pre holiday checks, more checks and a whole load of watering.  
The fleece has been on my plants pretty much non stop this week but with warmer weather forecast for next week I have removed it so that my plants don’t burn alive. I have also turfed my brassicas, sunflowers and cornflowers out of the greenhouse to take their chances in the newly built hardening off area. 

Just in case of disasters I sowed a tray each of French dwarf bean ‘Kinghorn wax’ and ‘Wachs beste von Allen’, climbing bean ‘Cobra’, pea ‘Carouby de Masussane’ and yellow dwarf bean ‘Minidor’. Maybe it’ll be the year of the legume once I get back?!

Below I have added some pics of the allotment as it is now. 

First sowing of spinach has sprouted thanks to the recent rains.

The Freesia and Lily bulbs are beginning to show.

Plenty of flowers on all the berries. I will rub off the fruit tree flowers once the petals fall so that they can concentrate on a good root system. 

Potatoes and onions are doing well. Some slight frost damage to the potatoes but nothing too severe.

Peas are shooting up and the transplanted Calendula has become less floppy after a week of looking touch and go.

Mangetout is loving the greenhouse. Can’t wait to start using it in my lunchboxes!

Peppers and peas are looking healthy. Gherkins  (in the bags) have done nothing so I fear the seed is duff. 

2nd sowing of sweet peas have had tips pinched out and the beans / flowers / toms / aubs seem to be growing steadily.

Melons have survived the cold but aren’t really liking it too much, have been stuck at this stage for a little while now.

Beans (again) with some Courgette and Cosmos as well.

Winter squash all looking lively. They don’t mind the cold as much as the melons but are growing a lot slower than the courgettes.

I have a lot (maybe 50?) of Marigolds. They are looking healthy so I may use them as bartering tools…. Cosmos also looking strong here.

Assortment of cucurbit / aubs / toms. Aubs are a bit frazzled round the edges but I think they’ll perk up once it gets warmer.

Leeks and onions now outside to take their chances. And an Apple mint which smells divine!

Brassicas, cornflowers and sunflowers all looking fit and healthy. Again outside to take their chances.

Aquilegia flowers adding much needed colour to the plot. 


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