Diary flashback

Today has been a dull, grey day with rain sweeping across the other side of the Thames, threatening to alight at my doorstep but strangely, never quite making it to my side. Whilst some hardened allotmenteers may be quite happy to persevere and visit the plot, myself and the man decided today was an ‘inside day’. So what to do when you are inside keeping warm? Well, dig out the plant based reading matter of course!

I had a check of my allotment diary from last year and have reproduced it below.



Donated some toms, lettuce and zinnia to mum. Helped her put up her bean poles

Squash and cucumbers have sprouted

Tomatoes and 1st lot of sweetpeas have been potted on

Lettuce is leafing up (albeit slowly)

Radish in planter has all sprouted (they were super firey, possibly due to lack of sun?)

Leeks and spring onions have sprouted

Potted on sweetcorn and Brassicas

Potatoes have plenty of new growth

Cornflowers and replacement stock have sprouted

Wild scabious seeds are coming to life

Bought new aster seed and sowed them into cells (they did rubbish, too late and too little sun)

Direct sowed 1st row of radish, perpetual spinach, parsnips (new seed), turnips, swede

Bought chicken manure from Lidl – £5 for 7kg

Bought metal stakes for the Brassica cages – 6 for £3.99 from Aldi

Bought reduced price strawberries ‘Elsanta’ (then killed them with lack of water)

1st Dahlia is beginning to sprout


Improvements needed:

When sowing into beds make sure you have the most up to date allotment plan. I think I messed up 3 rows of newly sown carrots by putting parsnips in the same drills as I was using an old plan

Next year I must record date and quantities of plants sown (well I didn’t carry this thought to fruition but I have been recording more frequently!)

I don’t feel I have enough sweet peas or other flowers, I should invest in  more flower seed (this one I did actually do)

The flowers I did sow (centratherum and petunia etc) were sown too late into a cold greenhouse and didn’t take off properly. I should have sown in the autumn for overwintering (this one I totally scrapped and bought perennial plug plants for my balcony so that I could donate more room in the greenhouse to food)

I think the fleece laid on the beds is stopping the rain getting to my seeds – the peas I direct sowed aren’t sprouting and feel dry even though the weeds are doing well?!

The plot this time last year….. A total mess




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