Hooray for the sun!

Today it really felt like things were going in the right direction weather wise. It was t- shirt weather and there was a warm wind blowing for once. On the plot there was no one around and the birds were singing. I took regular stops today just to sit, listen and enjoy being outside. It was great!
Since I am going away next weekend the main job this week needs to be planting things out so they don’t fry. 
First out was sweetcorn. I had hoped to have enough for 2 beds worth this year but unfortunately not all my plants made it. I am not sure if the seed compost isn’t as good this year or if they have been unhappy with the cold. I sowed them earlier than last year and was worried about bringing them to the plot greenhouse in case they got frozen. The balcony doesn’t get as much light so this could have affected them too. In the end I filled 1 bed and put in 3 courgettes. I wanted to protect them with a fleece barrier round the outside in case the winds turn cold again but nature had another idea and the wind ripped the fleece in half as I was fixing it to some canes. 

Next out was the beans. I have a mixture of yellow and purple dwarf varieties as well as some climbing beans. I plan on doing a later sowing probably August time to make the most of the warmth and get a harvest before it turns colder in October/ November. 

The dwarf beans, 2 other beds have the other beans in but it would be boring to see them all!

I had a 3rd sowing of peas in the greenhouse so they went out into another bed. Slightly worried they may get nobbled by the pea moth but nothing ventured, nothing gained….
I have been trying to successionally sow my brassicas this year and think I’ve cracked it. I was slightly concerned that my Autumn Green calabrese had put out a flower head already given that it’s only 3 inches high but I’ve nipped it out and will see if that resolves the problem. Aside from the calabrese I have 2 varieties of cabbage (Savoy, Golden Acre) that are big enough to plant out. Having learnt from last year’s mistake of planting them too close together I made sure that I increased the spacing, putting 12 in a bed. In between them are self seeded Calendula because I didn’t have the heart to pull them up.  I didn’t put up the netting today but will have to do so later this week. Don’t want any pests eating them before me!

As the weather is warmer I thought I would try to get my carrots started.  Last year I did several sowings and got a miserly 4 carrots, none of which were big enough for even a baby rabbit. I have 3 varieties of carrot so sowed a row each of Touchon, Jaune obtuse de Doubs and Manchester table. I will interplant my spring onions to ensure they are protected from any flying beastie. 
I had a good sort out of the greenhouse as well today.  Potted on some of the bigger toms and melons, planted 2 melons per grow bag ( Ogen and 5 Desserts) and watered them well, moved the aubergines and other plants so they get the best sun and warmth. The back of the greenhouse is the hottest place because I don’t have a door. Not necessarily an advantage in early spring but in summer it really helps. 


2 thoughts on “Hooray for the sun!

  1. Good reminder about interplanting carrots with spring onions – will get them in as soon as poss. I’m going to start brassicas off in seed compost before sowing out, wondering about succession sowing – I guess I can do maybe a row a week.

    Weather has perked up considerably down here in Kent as well!


    1. I think I did double the amount I needed every 3 weeks to account for casualties along the way. Seems to have worked but the Kale and cauliflower all rotted so only have 1 (most recent) sowing to survive from so far!

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