Tut Tut, it looks like rain! 

Well the much hoped for rain has arrived and made it’s presence known this last week. Like a true English person I moaned about the drought and I’ve had to stop myself from slipping into head shaking and sighing at the rain. It’s definitely been changeable weather!

The rain does have its uses in regards to plot health. One unusual bonus is that my homemade soap spray plans have been achieved without the use of a hose. Poundshop soap chucked in a bucket and left to dissolve can be easily decanted into a spray bottle and is ever so effective against all manner of bugs  (whitefly, aphids etc) 

Keeping in a positive frame of mind, things on the plot are looking up. Suddenly seeds have sprung into life. 2 sowings of radishes have come up at once, the beetroot is waking up, the spinach now has 2-3 leaves per plant and the plot is swathed in lush greenery. I am convinced my peas have grown an extra 30cm or so since it started to get wet! 

There have been some deaths. Firstly 3 courgettes got chomped overnight. Taking a closer look at some of the radishes and beetroot it appears that the slugs which up until now had been strangely absent are now making their presence known.

This fellow got lobbed into an empty plot…. I feel as though my throwing arm may get stronger over the next few weeks!

I had some near drownings; My hardening off area resembled a miniature swamp. Not all my seed trays have drainage holes so my spring onions and brassicas had started to bob around. They have both been planted into ‘terra squelcher’  (the ground) and will be much happier for it. I tried to drain off my smallest peony but didn’t have much luck so it’s gone into the greenhouse to dry out. 

Given that I’m anyway for a whole 10 days as this critical plot time I have left a note for my plot neighbours to water the greenhouse tenders. Unfortunately their shed door has swollen in the rain so I couldn’t get it open. I’ve resorted to a note slipped into a crack by the door. Fingers crossed they see it before it gets pulped!  

Left hand side of plot: Early potatoes, fruit bushes, onions, peas, brassicas
Middle of plot: chives, parsnips running to seed, second earlies, beans and peas
Right hand side: beans, sweetcorn, squash, carrots and main crop pots

I can’t wait until I return as I know there will have been loads of growth / progress in this next week. Hooray! 


2 thoughts on “Tut Tut, it looks like rain! 

  1. I totally understand the dread of going away at this time of year – am about to come back from my own jaunter and am a little worried about what I might find. Or what the slugs might have found in my absence…Hope you have a great holiday.

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