Being a worrywart 

Last week when we jetted off to Switzerland to see my sister I had no worries about my plants at all. It had been bucketing down with rain, the plants were all looking healthy and I figured that even if the neighbours didn’t water my plants too regularly, the forecast of cool temps and more rain would see them through in my absence.
Before I left the forecast for Switzerland was 11 degrees and rain. I duly packed tracksuit bottoms, jumpers and heavier shirts. I was rather delighted to see the weather turn and the temps rise to above 20. After borrowing some clothes from my sister, I made like a lizard and enjoyed getting baked. However, the free time (and free wi fi) has allowed my mind to ponder the situation at home. I confess I am worried about what may greet me on my return. 
Will the neighbours have found my note about watering? Will everything in the greenhouse fry? What if the heat has caused a boom in blackfly birth rates? Or the frogs get so hot they refuse to leave the pond? And even worse, what about the plants on the balcony at home?
I had been looking forward to harvesting my Lettuce and salad leaves. The perennial flowers were just springing into life. My self seeded cosmos was growing slowly but surely. My balcony is a sun trap and I have convinced myself everything will be dead. My heart feels heavy just thinking about it.
The man has tried to lighten my thoughts by texting my house neighbour and asking him to water. Unfortunately he too is off on holiday so I am unsure that his 1 day of watering will have reversed the balcony community’s fortunes. 
I thought I’d beaten peak danger time for gardeners, going away after seed nurturing time but before the heat of the summer. I have 2 days left away. The man has agreed that we can drive straight from the airport to the plot. And possibly from there to an off licence depending on what I find dead or alive.  Until then I will distract myself by sunbathing …… or (and most likely) I will walk around sighing and annoying myself by obsessively checking the weather forecast for England hoping that it cools down and rains. If it begins to rain again chaps then it’s on me!


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