Happy dance

We arrived home late last night after 4 hours of sitting, waiting, pacing, moaning and much grumpiness. Our flight was delayed and once on the plane it was delayed some more. The man was moaning about whether he had enough time to wash a short for work and I was panicking that I may have to wait an extra day to examine the allotment damage / survivors. As it happens I did manage to do a quick examination via a torch which was wholly unsatisfactory but took the edge off the worry I had felt. 
I returned after work today and checked everything over more thoroughly. Verdict: Not as bad as I had imagined.
Quite a few things had been slugged to death; all the courgettes, some beans, 2 dahlias, 2 melons, some Marigolds and stocks. The snails and slugs I found on the plants made and run for it, but we’re beaten by me and chucked into an empty plot for the birds. Ha!
Surprisingly given the hot weather there were fewer burnt plants than I had expected. 2 trays of dames rocket, 1 tray of lettuce, some salad stuff and coriander.  My foxgloves were either dead or in need of intensive support. Similarly the greenhouse peas looked very poorly but were clinging to life. 
There were some typical divas in the form of my brassicas. The brocolli and pak choi had gone from seedling to yellow flowers without growing an inch. Most annoying! The rest of the brassicas looked pretty much the same but were quite waterlogged so I tried to dry them off a bit. Likewise the squash plants looked soggy so they got planted out with a bit of chicken manure to set them on the right track.
There were plenty of things to be happy about today as well. I have an explosion of pea pods and more to come which I am super excited about. I tried them raw, eaten whilst crouching over the plants and picking with both fists. Delicious! 

The spinach and beetroot are coming along nicely now. Got my first picking of leaves which will go into my lunch this week. I also have a big lettuce which is about the size of my head.  The next delight was the first picking of strawberries. 2 were eaten straight from the plant. The smell is superb and the taste of a warm, fresh strawb brings back memories of childhood. I gathered half a punnet which will do nicely for pudding one evening. 

Finally, my biggest smile was caused by my flowers. I love to have fresh blooms at home and I am particularly fond of sweet peas and roses. When I was last on the plot neither had begun to bloom but a week of heat seems to have started them off on turbo charge.  Walking onto my plot the wind carried the spice of the sweet peas mixed with lavender and rose. I spent some time taking gulps of breath and savouring the smell. 3 posies were gathered today and have brightened up my rooms. I may need to invest in some vases if they carry on blooming so much. Hooray!


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