Blooming lovely

This time of year brings out surprises every time I go to the plot. Each time I leave, I look forward to what I will see next.Surprises that I particularly enjoy are the flowers which are beginning to ramp up their efforts towards their mid summer displays. 

This week I have been able to enjoy the first of the scented glories that are my roses and sweet peas.

Mixed sweet peas with scabious

Some of the sweet peas are more perfumed than others but the winner in the scent levels is the scabious which is a heavy, spicey scent which lingers in my nostrils.
I have a grand total of 4 roses on the plot so far. It would have been 5 but I bought a dud which slowly shrivelled up and died. 

Unknown variety

This rose has been named ‘survivor’ by me. It almost got dug up on my 1st year at the plot because it was a stump I kept tripping over. It owes it’s reprieve to my mum who suggested I keep it just in case it would be worthwhile. Both the rose and I are glad I listened to mother! It’s got a very faint scent but throws out bouquets of 5 or 6 roses on each branch and the more you cut, the more they come back. It flowers from June through to October/ November.  I’m gradually pruning it into a decent shape and I think next year’s prune will bring it back to bush like rather than straggly and wild. 

Moulin rouge

This beauty is a highly perfumed new addition to my garden. It smells like an expensive perfume and this picture is the first flower. For now it’s in a pot so I can figure out which position suits it, and I best. At present it’s between my potatoes and courgettes. 

 Cosmos ‘Picotee’

This year I wanted to up the pollination on the plot. Cue the cosmos to add some colour between the veg. I have Picotee and Double click cranberries just beginning to bud up and I aim to make use of them in vases as well as allow the bees to eat. Alongside the cosmos I have Poached egg plant, Tagetes, Marigold and Dames rocket. 

 Flowers picked from the balcony at home

Last but not least at home I have planters to help brighten up the balcony. Above is a mixture of Dames rocket, Stock, Geum, Coreopsis, Sweet William and the perennial daisy whose name I have forgotten. 


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