Diary flashback

This week last year my plot was beginning to build up momentum and I was rubbing my hands with glee at the thought of homegrown veg each day. 


Planted out sweetpeas on the allotment 

Potted on celery (had thought they were a flower until their true form started to show)

Rescued some reduced fuschia, dianthus and onions 

Planted out petunia into final pots on the balcony 

Picked first bunch of radish

Put tomatoes / 2 cucumber into final buckets

Reorganised greenhouse and Anderson shelter

Aubergines, peppers, calendula, marigolds going strong

Salad leaves and nasturtium are sprouting

Module sown spring onion, cabbage and beetroot are up

Dwarf purple beans have their first flowers on

Direct sowed runner beans, sweetcorn and dwarf beans. 
Needs improvement 

Didnt label courgette and cucumbers so have no idea which is which.Likewise with the tomatoes!
Harvest so far 

Perpetual spinach


Mixed lettuce leaves / spicy lettuce mix 


Beetroot thinnings

Onions and shallots (pulled up early to rescue them from possible white rot)

Handful of raspberries / strawberry

Cut flowers


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