Windswept peas

Two days ago my peas were perpendicular to the ground. Yesterday they were at 40 degrees. Today, yes you’ve guessed it, they were hugging the ground and looking rather sorry for themselves.

I have several varieties of peas this year whereas for years I have stuck with my tried and tested favourite which is Kelvedon wonder. They have all provided a crop or at least a taster and I have found it really fascinating to explore their different tastes as well as their appearances. 

First up we have the self gathered garden peas which are a mixture of Early onward and All season. I mixed them up as I planted them last year so to make things easy the seed that I gathered was labelled ‘garden pea’. Can’t go far wrong there! 

So the garden pea has about 7 to 10 peas in each pod, is 2-3 inches long and has a satisfying snap to it’s top when shelling it. Sweet, better when the peas are slightly smaller and very moreish if you eat them raw. Not one to eat whole however as its stringy and takes a lot of chew power to get through it. 

The next peas are mangetout ‘Shiraz’ which I am raising in the greenhouse. Possibly a mistake as they don’t seem to be enjoying it so much. They started off well but have hardly flowered at all and seem to be giving up the ghost. Their flowers are deep purple and rather gorgeous. Pods very much the same but the peas are a brilliant green. The bigger my pods have got the more mottled green they have become. Not sure if that’s normal or a sign that they really are doomed. 

The taste is not as good as I had hoped. The peas are more sharp than sweet, are only nice when they are small and I’m not a fan of how the pod tastes….Quite disappointing really. 

The final pea variety is a heritage plant ‘Carouby de mausanne’. If you have extra space or want to try a different pea I would highly recommend this one. Visually it is stunning, pinky purpley and white flecked flowers. The plants are taller than the other peas which is handy because they are in the middle of my pea bed so harder to reach. The pods are pretty big, like 4-5 inches at times. Surprisingly even though I have allowed the pods to get bigger than I thought would be edible, they are super tasty and not at all fibrous however big they get. The peas and pod are sweet, crunchy and have been part of my mid morning snacks for the past week. I plan on doing a second or maybe third sowing of them this year to ensure I get maximum cropping from it. 


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