Ill Bill

As I write this I am semi recovered from a self inflicted bout of stomach flu. I have been so ill that I haven’t been able to muster the energy to move outdoors let alone garden. Unfortunately this illness has been self inflicted and narrowing down the culprits I suspect it was caused by compost tea. 

On Tuesday I had a great afternoon. The sun was shining and I finished work early which I was rather chuffed about. I needed to do second sowings of a few things so got to work. I did a few modules each of Mangetout ‘Carauby de Mausanne’ n Brocolli ‘Autumn green’ , Kale ‘Nero de Toscana’ , Cabbage ‘Red Drumhead’ , Coriander ‘Confetti’ , French climbing bean ‘Cobra’ , Yellow Dwarf French bean ‘Minidor’ , ‘Wachs Beste von Allen’ & ‘Kinghorn Wax’.

At the end of the session I needed to water in the greenhouse and since there are flowers on my toms and peppers things needed feeding. My compost tea has been brewing for months now so this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I had some problem diluting the tea however and as I transfered it from one container to another it splashed on my hands and then my inner klutz spilt a whole watering can all down myself. I looked like I had had a horrible accident but unfortunately it was not my poo all down me. Fast forward 2 days and the poo now most definately belongs to me and I really have suffered…….

Thankfully I grow some herbs at home. I kind of believe that when you have a bug and your body needs to expell it you should let it get on with it. However sage, lemon balm and mint all have great medicinal properties in them when it comes to matters of the digestive system so I have been sipping teas throughout the days.  Not as good as builders tea but brilliant for reducing cramping and bloating! The recipe is very simple; a sprig each of the three herbs left in boiling water for 5-10 minutes and drunk every 1-2 hours. 


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