Diary flashback

Continuing the look back to last year the diary entry recorded:-


Tomatoes have 1st flowers on

Peppers have fruit buds

Yellow and green courgettes forming

Aubergines are getting bushier

Squash and potato plants have flowers

Sweetcorn is looking strong

Beetroot is swelling as are spring onions

Beans and peas are forming, runners are beginning to climb

Some carrot germination (they were still rubbish though!)

Parsnips are growing more leaves

Sweetpeas and cornflowers are flowering

Planted out calendula, stocks, dwarf aster
Needs improvement

Greenhouse roof bows when it rains (not a problem this year as no rain for a long time!)

Autumn green brocolli bolted  (same problem this year)

Planted brassicas too close together ao had to thin

Strawberries are rotting and getting eaten due to slugs and rain

Sunflowers are shading dwarf and climbing beans

Flea beetle attacked the Pak Choi and ruined it


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