Looks promising….

It’s been a long, hot week for me and the garden. Unsure which of us looks more wilted this Friday evening!

I always try to avoid watering my plants too often. They need to be strong and capable, not pandered and flimsy. However in this type of heat it has been necessary to water more often and deeper to avoid a massive kull. I have no hose so you can imagine that it takes quite a bit of lugging cans to and fro. So far it’s worked and everything has stayed alive and seems to be coming into their prime.

In the greenhouse there are flowers and buds forming everywhere.

 This pepper was just a tiny bump at the end of a flower and in no time at all it’s almost fully grown.

There are flowers and baby tomatoes galore on most of the plants. Not all are in their final pots yet as I ran out of compost. I think Sunday will be a potting on and nipping out of side shoots day. 

Under planting the tomatoes are tagetes and a variety of basil. I’ve never been successful with basil before but it loves the warmth. I have several varieties; Lemon, Thai, Sweet and Purple Ruffles. The smell as you brush past it is so strong. You only need a few leaves in a dish or else its overpowering. I predict that we will have some amazing pasatas and pizzas this year!

I found my first baby cucumber this evening. I can’t get enough of cucumber sticks in hot weather so I am super excited about this one.

I also had my first sunflower this evening.  The birds sowed them for me this year and they did a pretty good job, spreading them evenly across the beds. In the nezt few weeks I should have enough for cut flowers. Makes a change from all the sweet peas!


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