Home crafts 

This last 2 weeks I have been honing my skills for the Frome cheese show entries. In this family it’s a serious business; For the first time I will be competing against my father who has won many certificates in previous years and let’s be honest, I am slightly nervous that he will trounce me and I will never live it down. 

Now the garden is producing more and more each week I have begun to narrow down the choices for my entries. First up, the ‘home made liquor’ category. I have a trio of options brewing at home; 

1. Strawberry, raspberry and vanilla vodka (smells beautiful, looks pink and clear)

2. Rhubarb vodka (looks lovely, smells like a snifter may give you a hideous hangover)

3. Elderflower gin (looks foul, smells like pure alcohol)

Second up is the category ‘cake incorporating a fruit or vegetable’. I decided on a courgette lemon drizzle cake. The recipe can be found here http://www.momontimeout.com/2017/06/lemon-zucchini-cake-recipe/

The cake was moist, very un-courgetty and had hints of citron. I ate it warm and it was delicious. The verdict at work was overwhelmingly good. This may be a goer because I predict there will be many farmhouse fruit / carrot cakes or chocolate beetroot bakes and I need to be unusual enough to catch the judges’ eye.

Having spent a few days baking on my balcony, the entry for the ‘pickled vegetable’ category has been produced. On the left are my shallots, the right my smallest white onions. I dry brined them overnight, rinsed and put into jars. They have a pleasing crunch and a blow your head off kick to them already. Perfect!

More cheese show category updates will be posted once I have finished my preparatory reading…..


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