Getting to grips with the jungle

As with many thngs in life, you start off with a resolutiom at the beginning of the year, you are motivated and proactive but then as the year ticks on, that resolve to carry through with things tails off somewhat. This year my plan was to keep a meticulous routine of watering, deadheading, fertilising and harvesting. I had a grand spreadsheet to record all the crops and I was determined to calculate to the penny how much my allotment had saved me at the shops. This was all well and good until life got in the way. Have you ever found yourself running out of time? That’s what happens to me on a daily basis. I finish work and have roughly and hour to do all the allotment jobs before I have to go home and cook dinner for the man. I find as the days get longer, the list of jobs on the plot adjusts accordingly and if I want to stay in my loved one’s good books, I have to limit the amount of salad / omelette based dinners I provide! 

Today I walked down the garden path with a certain amount of trepidation as I knew I had a mammoth session ahead of me. I had a number of plants that needed potting on, my greenhouse was more of a jungle, I had lost sight of the paths between the plot beds and I also had to harvest flowers and vegetables to keep on top of things. 

As you can see here the plot is very productive but it’s lost a sense of order and become wild!

The self seeded sunflowers are sun-zillas; They tower over me and close up views are rather spectacular with bees fighting over the flowers and ladybirds a plenty. 

This was once a cutting bed which has thrown out so many flowers I cant keep up. I’ve had to tie back the raspberries with wire based rope as they broke free from their previous restraints. 

My squash have all gone mad. This one has grown at least a metre since my last visit and is making it’s way along the path to the next plot.

I’ve had to pull up half the calendula as they were choking the brassicas. I think there needs to be more air circulation in any case as the calendula have got powdery mildew.

Here as well a squash is making a bid for domination. I have given it some boards to crawl along and redirected it so it circulates the bed rather than climbing over it.

Here a dahlia is just about to start blooming. The calendula again had smothered the plants in the middle of thr bed so this has now been taken up. Should allow the leeks and beans some extra room for growth. 

There are some carrots and other veg in here somewhere……

The carrots are spindly little runts at the moment but now it’s cleared a bit I hope the extra light will help them thicken up.

The greenhouse was full to the brim. I took out all the bush toms and the melon growbags as they looked stunted and miserable. I spent ages tying in stems, taking out bottom leaves, cutting off suckers. 

The end result. Now I can actually move in there. Everything got a thorough soak with homemade feed. I have to up my game on watering now because two or three of the toms had blossom end rot. The Aubergine count is up to 6 now. I feel like an aubergine pro this year!

The bush toms in their new homes. The bottles rather detract from the overall picture but at least there’s no chance I’ll poke my eye out!

Today’s hard earnt blooms. Simply beautiful. 


2 thoughts on “Getting to grips with the jungle

  1. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the carrots sleep tonight ….

    Good grief – it’s magnificent – just amazing what rain, sun, and good soil can do. Good luck!


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