How to ruin a car in 1 easy step

As all of you allotment owners will know, having a car is an essential part of the plot equipment if you dont live within waljing distance of the plot.  I don’t live too far away from my garden but lugging sacks of veg over a half hour hike in the sun isn’t exactly my idea of fun. 

Today the aim was to harvest a bed of potatoes and replenish our stocks. The last of the Charlotte had been eaten last week in a rather scrummy attempt to get rid of the first dwarf bean glut (recipe can be found here and the man was beginning to have palpitations that the potato bin was empty. This definately called for the car; my pride and rather battered joy; the Tigra. 

After spending an hour watering the greenhouse and harvesting 1 bed of Desiree we called it quits.

Several bags of non compostable weeds etc were also due to come home. The man loaded up the car and off we set. All was fine until we got home and the man started to lift out the rubbish bags. Disaster struck almost immediately putrid black water flowed out of the bags, flooded the boot and splashed all over the contents. Not easily lost for words, a silence descended on us both, broken by profuse apologies from the man as he tried to clean up. The final injury was the boot electronics being shorted by the water. Today was definately an expensive harvest!

Thankfully today’s potato haul was 9.2kg. Doesnt make up for the cost of car repairs but the jacket sized spuds will come in handy when the coffers have been emptied!

Today’s blooms; sunflowers and verbena. Guaranteed to put a smile on my face.


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