I’ve been struggling over the last 2 years with the idea of Aubergine gluts vs the reality of Aubergine droughts. When I first planted my original plants I thought they would be like tomatoes; wack them in a pot and they go forth and multiply without any intervention. Alas, they have turned out to be … More Satisfaction 

Happy developments

I love seeing how the plot develops over the year. First, in spring, we plan hard and spend hours selecting seeds and nurturing our plant babies. Then, when it warms up we harden them off with all manner of precautioms to make sure they survive nature’s attempts to freeze, eat or fry them into sudden … More Happy developments

Home crafts 

This last 2 weeks I have been honing my skills for the Frome cheese show entries. In this family it’s a serious business; For the first time I will be competing against my father who has won many certificates in previous years and let’s be honest, I am slightly nervous that he will trounce me … More Home crafts 

Alone time

This weekend the man was off up north on an epic drinking session, the type that brings out the hidden alpha male in groups of friends and involves copious anounts of meat, man hugs and cuban cigars…. Me on the other hand? I had an extremely long to do list to get through so I … More Alone time

Sunday pickings

I had so much planned for today but then I ran out of time. I must confess it was my own fault, I fell asleep after a late lunch and woke up at 4. I would have slept for longer but the plants were calling for some water.  I had a gentle stroll round the … More Sunday pickings