Sunday pickings

I had so much planned for today but then I ran out of time. I must confess it was my own fault, I fell asleep after a late lunch and woke up at 4. I would have slept for longer but the plants were calling for some water.  I had a gentle stroll round the … More Sunday pickings

Diary flashback

Continuing the look back to last year the diary entry recorded:- Successes Tomatoes have 1st flowers on Peppers have fruit buds Yellow and green courgettes forming Aubergines are getting bushier Squash and potato plants have flowers Sweetcorn is looking strong Beetroot is swelling as are spring onions Beans and peas are forming, runners are beginning … More Diary flashback

Ill Bill

As I write this I am semi recovered from a self inflicted bout of stomach flu. I have been so ill that I haven’t been able to muster the energy to move outdoors let alone garden. Unfortunately this illness has been self inflicted and narrowing down the culprits I suspect it was caused by compost … More Ill Bill

A tour of the plot

It’s been 6 months since the naissance of my blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about my plot as well as reading about others’.  As everything is in full swing now I thought it may be interesting to do a quick tour of the plot. The nigella, verbena and unidentified rose are throwing out … More A tour of the plot

Windswept peas

Two days ago my peas were perpendicular to the ground. Yesterday they were at 40 degrees. Today, yes you’ve guessed it, they were hugging the ground and looking rather sorry for themselves. I have several varieties of peas this year whereas for years I have stuck with my tried and tested favourite which is Kelvedon … More Windswept peas

Diary flashback

This week last year my plot was beginning to build up momentum and I was rubbing my hands with glee at the thought of homegrown veg each day.  Successes  Planted out sweetpeas on the allotment  Potted on celery (had thought they were a flower until their true form started to show) Rescued some reduced fuschia, … More Diary flashback